Linda Elise (bunheadsbuns) wrote,
Linda Elise

Downloads at tumblr.

I'm posting some downloads over tumblr these days, so if you're not following you can take a look at my download tag and see if there's anything you've missed. Check it out here!

  • Oversize blazers

    The second piece from my summer collection is a casual, oversize blazer to throw over your shoulders for those chillier summer evenings. Fully…

  • Flare pants with stilettos.

    I'm bringing some pants today, I've totally got a thing for wide pants right now. I am working on some sort of summer collection, perhaps…

  • Pixel Peaks - Chapter twenty

    Wren: Is it still behind us? Allegra: I'm running for my life, I don't really have time to look! The blue pickup truck…

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